The Archaic in New Mexico

When & Where:
Hibben Center, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
Saturday, November 10, 2018

Co-sponsored by the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, UNM
Subject to change before or during the conference.

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Preliminary Event

Friday, November 9, 2018

7:30–9:00 P.M.
A History of Archaic Research
Dr. Bradley J. Vierra
Hibben 105, UNM main campus
Free Public Presentation

Main Event

Saturday, November 11, 2017

8:00–9:00 A.M.On-site registration; continental breakfast (Hibben Atrium)
9:00–9:10 A.M.Welcome and Announcements: Distinguished Archaeologist Award
9:10–9:30 A.M.Presentation 1: A Middle Archaic Campsite in the Chuska Valley by Kye Miller, PaleoWest
9:30–9:50 A.M.Presentation 2: The Presence of Middle Archaic Bison in the San Juan Basin by Robin Cordero, OCA
9:50–10:10 A.M.Presentation 3: Archaic Dates and Diet in the San Juan Basin, Northwest New Mexico by Timothy M. Kearns
10:10–10:15 A.M. Questions and Comments
10:15–10:30 A.M. BREAK
10:30–10:50 A.M.Presentation 4: Projectile Point Variation at Fresnal Rockshelter by Don Purdon, Graduate Student
10:50–11:10 A.M.Presentation 5: Boulder Cupules and Archaic Imagery in Pre-Agrarian Northern New Mexico: Production and Meaning by Richard Ford, Museum of Indian Art and Culture
11:10–11:30 A.M.Presentation 6: Archaic Petroglyphs of Mesa Prieta, Northern New Mexico by Janet MacKenzie and Candie Borduin, Mesa Prieta Petroglyph Project
11:30–11:35 A.M.Questions and Comments
11:35–11:50 A.M.NMAC Business Meeting. All members are encouraged to attend.
11:50 A.M.–1:00 P.M.LUNCH
1:00–1:20 P.M.Presentation 7: Lithic Assemblages and Site-Function Variation at Archaic Sites on Albuquerque’s West Mesa by Jim Railey, SWCA
1:20–1:40 P.M.Presentation 8: A GIS Predictive Model for Early Archaic Site Locations on the Taos Plateau by Cassandra Keyes, Graduate Student
1:40–2:00 P.M. Presentation 9: Presentation 9: Evidence for the Archaic from the Cañada Alamosa Project by Karl Laumbach, HSR and Curtis Monger, NMSU
2:00–2:10 P.M.Questions and Comments
2:10–2:30 P.M.BREAK
2:30–2:50 P.M.Presentation 10: Plant utilization in Southeast NM during the Archaic by William Whitehead, SWCA
2:50–3:10 P.M.Presentation 11: Archaic and Mesilla phase occupations in the Tularosa Basin of south-central New Mexico by Alexander Kurota, Evan Sternberg, Evan Kay, Scott Gunn, and Robin Cordero, OCA
3:10–3:30 P.M.Presentation 12: A Digital Survey for Ring-Midden Dogs in the Archaic by Dody Fugate
3:30–3:40 P.M.Questions and Comments

Poster Presentations (Hibben Atrium, All Day Saturday, Nov. 10):

The Archaic Occupation at Four Sites in Southwestern New Mexico by Timothy M. Kearns

San Jose Revisited: The Typology, Morphometrics, and Geochemistry of early Middle Archaic Occupation in West-Central, NM by Joseph Birkmann, Bruce B. Huckell, and M. Steven M. Shackley