The fourth annual Historic Built Environment workshop was presented virtually this year, on December 3, 2020, due to COVID-19 public health restrictions. The New Mexico Historic Preservation Division lead the workshop, with State and National Register Coordinator Steven Moffson presenting on Understanding the National Register—Historic Integrity and Architect Lynette Pollari presenting “Navajo Preparatory School – a model project highlighting pursuit of integrity from the past and into the future.” A video of the workshop is available at the link below: and on YouTube:

Videos for Drones 101 for Archaeologists Workshop held on March 25, 2021:

About NMAC workshops

Since the 1980s, NMAC’s Archaeology Workshop Series has provided its membership the opportunity to hone their research and management skills in order to better preserve and understand our state’s rich cultural heritage. Topics presented in these short workshops are not typically available at universities or national conferences. They include training in artifact identification and analysis, technological innovations, architecture, regional cultural history, geoarchaeology, and cultural resource management among others. Completion of many of these workshops qualifies for educational credit for BLM permits and the New Mexico Historic Preservation Division.

Beginning in 1999, NMAC has co-sponsored the workshops with the BLM, Navajo Nation, Gila Forest, Santa Fe Forest, Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, and Rio del Oso Anthropological Services to the benefit of us all.

NMAC workshops have included:

  • Navajo Lithic Analysis (October 9-10, 1999; co-sponsored by the Navajo Nation Historic Preservation Department)
  • Dinetah (November 4-6, 1999; October 18-20, 2007; October 22-24, 2009; October 18-21, 2012; co-sponsored by the BLM)
  • Archaeology and Prehistory of Southeastern New Mexico (March 9-11, 2000; co-sponsored by the BLM)
  • Mimbres Archaeology (March 29-31, 2001: co-sponsored by the BLM, Gila National Forest, and Western New Mexico University Museum)
  • Gallina Archaeology:   (Oct. 25-27, 2001: co-sponsored by the Laboratory of Anthropology, BLM, and Santa Fe National Forest)
  • Historic Artifacts: metal, glass, and other: (Nov. 12-13, 2005: co-sponsored by the BLM and the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture)
  • Historic Artifacts: ceramics
  • Cibola and Beyond: (May 28-30, 2009: co-sponsored by the BLM and New Mexico Gas Company)
  • Rio Grande Glazeware: (November 15, 2009; co-sponsored by the BLM and Maxwell Museum of Anthropology)
  • Homestead: (September 25-16, 2010; co-sponsored by the BLM and Maxwell Museum of Anthropology)
  • Mimbres After the Fire: (June 23-25, 2011; co-sponsored by the BLM and Gila Forest)
  • Archaeological Geology of the Permian Basin: (April 19-20, 2013; co-sponsored by the BLM)
  • An Archaeology of Pueblo Ritual Landscapes: (June 6-7 and September 27-28, 2014; co-sponsored by Rio del Oso Anthropological Service, the BLM, Santa Fe Forest)