In 2019, up to $3000 will be available for statewide distribution. This fund is tied to earnings from NMAC workshop fees and investments. The NMAC Grant Committee will review all applications received on or before April 19, 2019, and notify submitters by May 17, 2019.

The NMAC Grants Program was established in the late 1990s to provide a source of funding for research, preservation efforts, travel, or publication expenses directly related to the mission and purposes of the Council. Grant requests specifically targeting New Mexico archaeology are given first priority. Since its inception, this successful program has distributed over $40,000 to worthy causes.

A Few Examples Include:

  • AMS dating of grooved curved sticks from the Maxwell Museum collections
  • Investigations of radiation exposure by prehistoric peoples of northern NM
  • INAA of Chuska Gray Ware ceramics consumed in Chaco Canyon
  • Obsidian procurement at Zuni Pueblo
  • AMS dating of atlatls in the MIAC collections
  • Petrographic analysis of sherds from Plaza Montoya Pueblo
  • INAA on sherds from Chaco Canyon and the San Juan Basin
  • Publication assistance for Thirty-Five Years of Archaeological Research at Salmon Ruins
  • Dendrochronology studies on culturally modified trees
  • Travel assistance to research Blackwater Draw projectile points housed in Texas
  • Lead isotope analysis for glazeware ceramics on the Pajarito Plateau
  • Residue analysis of White Mountain Red and Smudged Wares
  • Canada Alamosa ceramic studies
  • Faunal analysis for Chamisal Pueblo